This year, I’ve decided to use the OKR (objectives and key results) framework to define and track my personal goals. This means that every calendar quarter, I set objectives—clearly defined goals—and key results—specific measures to track the achievement of those goals. Exposure of these goals, as detailed below, is a key characteristic of the framework in ensuring accountability.

That said, here’s what I’d like to accomplish from April 1 – June 30, 2020:

Objective 1: Improve Mindfulness
  • Key Result: Log 1,000 breaths through Breathwrk (~12mins/day)
Objective 2: Maintain an Active Lifestyle During Self-Isolation
  • Key Result: Achieve an average day strain ≥ 14.0 via Whoop
Objective 3: Pursue a Passion Project
  • Key Result: Get my website production-ready and launch publicly
  • Key Result: Write and publish three articles on my website
Objective 4: Broaden Professional Skillset
  • Key Result: Complete three professional certifications

I plan to check-in on these OKRs on a monthly basis, and will likely disclose additional details related to my progress on my blog.