I currently work at an enterprise software company based in San Francisco. In particular, I lead our demand generation and sales development functions, and work on defining and operationalizing how we go-to-market. What’s equally as important is that I’m privileged to work alongside a talented and diverse group of colleagues.

As a result of my work, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been featured in publications like Forbes, the Demand Gen Report, and Heinz Marketing which you can check out here.

Before moving to San Francisco, I studied economics at York University in Toronto, Canada and graduated in 2015.

Outside of work, a lot of what I think about and research is at the intersection of health & wellness and work-life integration. One of my biggest accomplishments is having undergone a 50 pound weight loss over the course of 2018 & 2019, which I largely credit to developing habits that are not only healthy, but sustainable for the long-term.

I’m also enthusiastic about personal styling, and have maintained deep interests in clothing and accessories since I was in elementary school.

Additional information and fun facts:

  • I’m a first-generation Canadian and grew up in Mississauga
  • I have an obsession with Orangetheory Fitness group training
  • My personal style is fundamentally comfort-first, and combines activewear, low-end, high-end, streetwear, and vintage garments
  • I consume a lot of YouTube, incomparably more than Netflix
  • I have a comically large appetite
  • My favorite musical genres are R&B, hip hop, and jazz